The Core 94! is a Houston based, minority owned and operated internet radio station founded on March 1, 2014 by five African American women.

We stream online 24/7 featuring specialty mixes, live shows and interviews.

The Owners

The Core 94! is run by four of the five original founders: Verda Carr, Brittany Hardiman, Nneka Kimble and Naeisha Nance and a collection of radio personalities, djs and volunteers within the Houston community.

The Reason

The ultimate goal of The Core 94! is to give a 24 hour platform that is not dictated by large business. This is reflected in the music we play (which is largely geared to local and independent artists), our radio personalities (who are often entrepreneurs just starting out in radio or everyday outspoken individuals), the way we talk (completely unfiltered and free) and how we do business (locally first).

We don't believe bigger is always better and The Core 94! is here to prove that.

The Core 94! at a glance:

URL: www.TheCore94.com
Platforms: TuneIn
Format: Houston Rap, Rap, Pop, R&B, Soul, Talk
Sample Artists: Doughbeezy, Jay Z, Propain, Drake, Beyonce, Just Brittany, Kendrick Lamar, Slim Thug, Z-Ro, Jhene Aiko
No. of Channels: 1
Extra Features: Widget showing last few songs played
Specialty Programs? Yes
Sweepers/Ads? Limited ads.
Live DJs? Yes
In-Studio Concerts? Yes
Mobile App? Yes
Local Accent: Depending on Host

Flagship Shows: Live Bassment, Tea In The Shade and The Buzz.