The Core Woman Academy is an online environment where women from all over come to learn keys, strategies and techniques on how to discover their passions, their suppressed life desires and discover who they are. They will find this to be a place that empowers them to achieve the goals that they have given up on. Rather it has been due to starting a family before those goals manifested or they are now empty-nesters attempting to restart their lives, for themselves. The Core Woman Academy is where these women can be motivated to get past self imposed limitations that have kept them from believing they they really can have everything that they want and deserve. They will learn how to let go of baggage from previous relationships of any kind that has caused disappointment, pain, rejection and hurt to fester. This fosters a space where forgiveness thrives and lives so that healthy relationships can be created and maintained. All of this is so they can ultimately create the lives they desire and deserve and live boldly in abundance.