As a political science undergraduate student, Cristina studied primary texts like Aristotle's Politics and Publius' Federalist Papers.  The documents that paved the way for the Constitution deepened Cristina's patriotism.  She concluded that the Founders didn't create a perfect system for the union, but they sure did a hell of a job trying.
In 2011, Cristina married a man with her same goal of making a positive impact in the world.  Together, they committed their lives to the defense of the Constitution.  With her husband in a military combat role, Cristina learned how isolating military service can be.  Most of Cristina's friends and family did not relate to the military lifestyle of danger, physical endurance, geographic separation, and unpredictability.  It killed Cristina that most Americans comfortably enjoyed the benefits of the Constitution, but not even Michelle Obama knew what military endure to secure those benefits.  Cristina could care less if the rest of the world understood military sacrifice.  What bugged her was that Americans didn't understand the value, rarity and worth of the Constitution.  The worth that motivates Cristina and her husband to serve.  The reason her husband risks his life.  She knew that most people have never even heard of--nonetheless actually read--The Federalist Papers.  She realized that Americans don't know enough about their country to decide if they love or hate it.  She also saw first-hand that, despite polarization that made apocalyptic language a staple of American politics, both liberals and conservatives revered the Constitution.  They just knew nothing about it.  They had never heard of Publius, but could tell you too much about Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, or Justin Bieber.
Both as a consumer and as a marketing and PR professional, Cristina experienced the undeniable power of media. She concluded that media can be more influential than than family or education.  She met more and more people that talked about America heading down the drain.  She kind of agreed with them, but she also believed America has a lot going for her.
A movie based on true military stories made Cristina realize there was a dire need she was equipped to meet.  Seeing her life play out on the big screen stirred her devastation to overflowing.  She had a choice: she could ignore and avoid her devastation.  Or she could do something about it.  So, she started The Freedom Revolution.