Chris Wyllie, The Game Changer 
CEO, Neuroplastician, Brain & Mastery Strategist.

Chris Wyllie is an international Educator, Speaker, Author and MasterMind Business Strategist. Chris is also a Super-learning, Memory and Cognitive Enhancement Expert. He is the Founder of The Brain and Beyond Foundation, the Founder of Brainpower Nutrition, and the Founder of MasterMind University. Chris also has another major business in development. Chris is a 20th Generation Disciple of the Shaolin Temple (Qigong & Tai Chi). Specifically, he is a disciple of world renowned Geomancy, Feng Shui, Qigong & Tai Chi master Sifu Paul Ng. With his electric mind and enlightening, brightening and endless energy, Chris is a force for good, and works tirelessly to enhance the brain, health and lives of all the people he's fortunate enough to touch through his speeches, books, consulting and practice. 

His entire life, Chris has been a determined, Type-A, hyper-competitive, but also very stressed and tense person, prone to anxiety and panic attacks. His determination eventually drove him into the ground, and he was hospitalized and 30 pounds under-weight,.   The paralyzing panic and anxiety attacks, and many dark roads, including the brain-frying effects of stimulant use, has forced Chris to spend the last 5 years and over $100,000 pursuing ways to channel his drive into heightened focus, calm and control.

From the basement of Qigong/Feng Shui Master Paul Ng, too the research labs of top academic institutions, the fashion runway in Milan too robbed and thrown out on the streets while acting and modelling in New York City, and from the hospital bed weak, fragile, burnt out, and 30 pounds under-weight, too radiant health speaking and coaching professionals around the world, Chris has been obsessed with finding wisdom, technologies, techniques and strategies to convert extreme stress and anxiety into fuel for high performance. In fact his life has depended on it.

Chris is now leveraging his experiences to enhance brain function, cognition, health and performance of people with Learning Disorders, Neurological and Autoimmune Conditions, Concussions, as well as Elite performers in Business and Professional Sports, and entire businesses, organizations and universities worldwide.
    Chris deconstructs, synthesizes and unifies the best practices cross-discipline to give you simple, easy, actionable strategies to help you build a better brain, a better body and a better you.

    Chris bridges the gap between self-help and science, correcting for the biggest shortfall of most, if not all, self-help, business and leadership training: Lack of Execution & Sustainability.

    As THE GAME CHANGER, Chris is running his own practice synergistically combining top brain optimizing tech (Neurofield, Neurofeedback, QEEG 20 Brain Mapping), alternative medical therapies (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), Superfoods, Brainpower Nutrition, Nootropics, Qigong/Tai Chi Meditation/TCM and Self-Mastery strategies, stacking the deck - nutritionally, neurologically, mentally, emotionally and energetically - to change the game, your brain and your life to your maximum advantage. With a harmonious blend of the best from Eastern and Western Medicine, Chris client’s are radically upgrading their Brainpower, Health and performance .

Chris Wyllie’s Personal Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vqNeWojuJI

Game Changer QEEG Brain Mapping - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgInjCor3JI

Connect with Chris Wyllie:
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/chris.wyllie.50
Twitter: @1ChrisWyllie
Instagram: the_game_changer_chriswyllie 

Website: www.gamechanger.expert