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Autism therapy in Kolkata. Home-based aba therapy for autistic children. Parents training, aba assessment, a free consultancy in Kolkata.

ADHD Wellness Center
Led by Dr. Dawn Brown, one of the top ADHD doctors in Houston, ADHD Wellness Center's comprehensive approach addresses every aspect of care-providing medication & behavior management, ADHD Testing and ADHD coaching services for all members of the family.

The Hallowell Centers
The Hallowell Centers mission is to help people lead happier, more productive lives, regardless of their limitations. We employ a “strength-based” approach to treating ADD and other cognitive and emotional conditions.

CHADD/The National Resource Center on ADHD
CHADD is a membership organization, produces the bi-monthly Attention magazine, and sponsors an annual conference. The National Resource Center on ADHD (NRC) is the CDC-funded national clearinghouse for evidence-based information about ADHD.

Phoenix Dyslexia ADD/HD Learning Center
The Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program, the most widely used Dyslexia correction program in the world, provides children and adults with tools and permanent learning strategies that enable them to overcome, and ultimately correct, their own Dyslexia.

The Game Changer
THE GAME CHANGER, practice combines top brain optimizing tech (Neurofield, Neurofeedback, QEEG 20 Brain Mapping), HBOT, Superfoods, Brainpower Nutrition, Qigong/Tai Chi/TCM to enhance brain function, cognition, learning, health and performance.

Hey, You!
Hey, You! offers at home solutions for families living with ADHD that help with task completion. Using consistent verbiage, rhythm and structured movement, Hey, You! provides a fun, effective and consistent way for families to alleviate stress.

Bouncy Bands
Bouncy Bands attach to student desks to help children move while they work quietly. Movement provides a sense of relief from anxiety, hyperactivity, frustration & boredom. Students love being able to move while teachers are impressed with their focus.

Southern Living Real Estate - 1 followers
Love It Or List It Lowcountry SC will help homeowners throughout the Charleston SC area protect their biggest investment, their home. We use our expertise to help you decide whether to renovate or relocate!

Autism Society of Georgia
The Autism Society Georgia (ASGa) (, an affiliate of the Autism Society of America, is a 505(c)(3) Georgia based non-profit. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for everyone touched by autism.

A new approach to health, a secure financial future, and a dedicated company.

Learning Technics
Natural solution for learning difficulties. Guaranteed program that gets to the cause of learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Dyspraxia, Sensory Processing Disorder, and many others!

Brain Train ADHD - 1 followers
We help children and adults overcome ADHD with Brain Training. "Make a Change by Training Your Brain"

Learn To Learn
Learn To Learn improves school performance and helps eliminate learning disabilities such as ADD and ADHD using the latest neuroscience techniques.

Brehm Preparatory School
Brehm’s mission is to empower students with complex learning disabilities to recognize and realize their full potential. Brehm’s holistic program focuses on the combined academic, social and emotional effects of having a learning disability.

No Rehearsal Writing John Toker, M.Ed. LD K-12, MA
John Toker, author of LD Just Means Learn Differently tutors people with learning issues, which includes ADHD, ADD, Autism, Dyslexia, Executive Function Disorder. John's book reflects challenges associated with diagnosible learning needs.

MindMenders Clinic
MindMenders Clinic provides elite multifaceted care utilizing thorough assessments as part of the restorative evidence-based care solution to significantly decrease symptoms and increase brain and body function.

Shine for Doctors LLC
“SHINE for Doctors: Special Help for Integrating Neurological Experience” combines ADHD expertise, Chiropractic alignment, and Neurological assessment with Exercise and Nutrition counseling. It offers a non-medication answer to dealing with ADHD.

To Go Brands, Inc.
Healthy To Go® is line of antioxidant-rich, very convenient nutritional supplements created for those of us that just can’t seem to consume all the good stuff that we know we should, every day!

Roble Ridge Software
Dr. Hallowell helps people unwrap their gifts; not treat disabilities.

ADD/ADHD and Executive Functioning Coaching
I am an ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning Coach in the Chicagoland Area with offices in Northfield and Downtown Chicago.

The ADD Awareness Group
Operations are to be held primarily at 16 Spruce Lane, North Haledon, NJ 07508 (a rented space), and will begin as soon as the TADDAG 501(c)(3) application is approved by the IRS.

Home and Family Services
Do you know someone with Autism, well if you do there is new evidence that Alkaline Water may be a great benefit to them.

Business Brilliance for Entrepreneurs with ADHD
“Business Brilliance for Entrepreneurs with ADHD,” is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs with ADHD and ADHD tendencies create brilliant businesses through their strengths, while learning to manage their challenges. Coaching & information are offered.

The ADDiva Network
Celebrating add-ish women through coaching, retreats, webinars, workshops, connection calls and more.

Productive Balance LLC
Productive Balance is an online membership application designed to increase productivity and measure results for individuals, business professionals, and those challenged with ADD / ADHD.

Barnhill Family Medicine
Family medical practice emphasizing well-care, prentative medicine and ADHD-behavior disorders evaluation and treatment

A Child's Miracle Mind, Inc.
A Child’s Miracle Mind, Inc. was founded by Nancy Wallace to draw upon new & advanced approaches, to explore knowledge, remedies, and relief to aid and assist parents and children who have been labeled ADHD, ADD and/or problem children.

Brain Balance Atlanta
Brain Balance uses the latest brain research to help children with neurobehavioral problems such as ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, OCD, NVLD, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, RAD, and even Autism to function better academically, socially and behaviorally.

Primarily Inattentive ADD and ADHD
The Primarily Inattentive ADD and ADHD website is the only site devoted to the Inattentive type of ADHD. There your will find information and resources specifically targeted to the Inattentive ADHD audience.

Products to enhance your lifestyle naturally and with NOTHING ENTERING YOUR BODY! Ease discomfort from headaches, migraines and chronic pain. Enhance your sleep quality naturally and increase your energy, balance and focus.

Portrait Health Centers for the Healing Arts
Portrait Health Centers for the Healing Arts is a multi-specialty clinic where families and adults can come to experience the most cutting-edge and proven treatment options available for those struggling with ADHD & other behavioral and learning disorders

Darien Center for Integrative Medicine
“Dr. Z,” as he is known in the community, specializes in treating patients with neurological, biochemical and emotional dysfunctions without drugs or surgery. Robert Zembroski is certified by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board.
Clear Simple Solutions is an informative website dedicated to educating parents and families on how to use Essential Oils and Aromatherapy to help calm overactive, upset, angry, hyper, frustrated, unsettled children---or parents.

eAgnosis develops professional internet-based . We believe parents and children should have easy affordable access to accurate professional neuropsychological information concerning their well being. visit

Tustin Chronic Condition Center
Tustin Chronic Condition Center focuses on treating those patients who are still searching for answers to their health conditions. We specialize in the following: Autism/ADD/ADHD, dizziness/vertigo, fibromyalgia, thyroid disorders, and chronic pain.

ADHD Centers, Chicago
ADHD Centers, Chicago improves & enriches the lives of people with attention deficit disorders (ADHD/ADD) through high-quality, comprehensive, affordable treatment & support services. Founded by nationally recognized ADHD expert, Dr. Peter Jaksa.

The Professional Organizer
Organize your home, home office, family and more. We specialize in working with families and people with ADD. The Professional Organizer and Organizer U. also offer training and education for Professional Organizers.

Spectrum Visions
Spectrum Visions' mission is to enhance learning and human expression for individuals with special needs, development delays, autism, and PDD through information technology.

Transition Success, LLC
Transition Success, LLC provides offerings to Special Education high school students and their parents that proactively teach the college system. Conquer College with LD/ADD is an online course teaching students how to prepare for and thrive in college.

Stringam Enterprises Inc
Mental Illness Assist is designed to assist those who suffer from mental illness such as ADD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and depression to live normal lives with Truehope vitamin and mineral supplementation rather than with prescription drugs.

ADD Therapy Help Chat Treatment Recovery
ADD, therapy, help, treatment, chat, recovery, Chat Room, Self Help, We know how you feel ! We are a self help group that knows what ADD feel like. for further info goto

Chat Rooms - Self help - Anxiety,Depression,OCD,
Chat, Chat Rooms,Chatrooms for ,OCD,anxiety,depression,ptsd,panic attacks,grief,divorce,relationship problems,abuse,been dumped,divorcing,addictions,eating disorders,anorexia,bulimia,binge eating,nervous breakdown, chat and self help at
ADD Winner is a positive support and friendship membership site for men and women with adult attention-deficit disorder. At ADD Winner, we believe that ADD and ADHD are not a disorder! Our "different" brains give us advantages over "average" people.

Association for Natural Psychology (AYCNP)
The Association for Youth, Children and Natural Psychology is a New Jersey 501 c(3) non-profit corporation that provides edcuation in non-pharmaceutical mental health self help and professional solutions. Please see the AYCNP site- 120 pages - free info.

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OnPoint Learning Center
OnPoint Learning provides understanding, support and the appropriate interventions individuals with learning disabilities can acquire for educational success and coping with life.

Kids Awareness Series
Children's psychotherapist and author that works primarily with children/adolescents. Author of Kids Awareness Series, children's book on childhood mental disorders, in kid-friendly language and developed to provide information.

FL Institute of Complementary &Alternative Medicin
We are a non \-profit that will soon offer training programs in Complementary & Alternative Medicine & Clearminded Children & Adult Eductators. We offer group classes in Meditation & A Course in Miracles, Deep Healing Workshops, Private Sessions and more

Brennan Innovators, LLC
Brennan Innovators, LLC provides: 1. Tools for ADHD, dyslexia and other reading and learning challenges. 2. Professional educational workshops for teachers in the St. Louis Metro Area 3. ADHD information, coaching, & support to students/parents

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