The Reader’s Guild and its predecessor companies are led by media industry entrepreneur Fred B. Tarter. The Reader’s Guild is a publishing company with a passion for the written word, created to publish both classic and beloved books and to introduce new and captivating authors from around the globe to modern audiences.

The Reader’s Guild publishes books and anthologies in all formats and is committed to connecting enthusiastic readers with content of the highest quality. Contrary to current opinion, technology is not heralding the demise of the publishing industry; quite the contrary. New technologies allow us to re-discover works of well-known authors and re-issue them in innovative formats. Thousands of emerging authors now have the opportunity to self-publish, creating an abundance of new and exciting content. The Reader’s Guild intends to be the go-to source for anthologies in all genres of works created by the very best of these new authors.

The Reader’s Guild curates premium content from bestselling titles and fresh, contemporary works by new faces in the writing community. We create unique opportunities for authors and publishers alike in traditional and new formats – long-form, condensed, electronic (e-books and audiobooks) and print (via trade paperbacks and hardcover books). When readers pick up an anthology published by The Reader’s Guild, they will know that it contains the best, highest-rated and reviewed titles of the moment.

The evolution of publishing has already begun and The Reader’s Guild is thrilled to be at the forefront, delivering the future to your bookshelf. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with our upcoming releases of timeless classics and fresh, new storytellers.