The Spirit Within U Mission Statement: The Spirit Within U is a Metaphysical Gift Shoppe and Sacred Studies Center committed to inspiring you to awaken and remember who you are. Here is where you will discover the gift is you. You are a unique and magnificent being; you are the pure essence of love. We support you in your inward journey of self realization.

What are you wanting in you spiritual development? Are you searching for a deeper understanding of Spirituality? Start here! Start now!

Classes  Aromatherapy 101 - Basic introduction to Meditation – Chakra 101 - Crystals 101 - Divination Tools 101 - How to create a daily Spiritual Practice - Raw Food Demos - Reiki Certification - Tarot & Oracle Cards Basic - Wicca 101 - Yoga.

Services Aura Readings Free - Certified Aromatherapist - Certified Herbalist - Chakra Balancing Tarot/Oracle Card Readings (Phone only) - Meditation Training - Weight Management - Atheletic Performance - General Health

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Our product selections include; Ancient Egypt, Angels, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Therapeutic Oils, Carrier Oils, Young Living Oils, Colour Energy®, Chakra Oils, Hydrosols, Dead Sea Salts, Astrology, Banners, Flags, Books, Buddha, Candles & Candle Holders, CDs & DVDs, Chakras, Clothing, Crystals

& Gemstone, Crystal Healing Wands, Faeries/Fairies, Goddess, Healing, Health & Wellness, Herbs & Teas, Hindu, Home Decor, Incense & Incense Burners, Lotions, Perfumes, Soaps & Baths, Meditation, Native Amercian, New Age Jewelry, Note Cards & Posters, OM/AUM, Patches & Pins, Peace Symbol, Pendants, Pendulums, Psychic Development, Statues, Suns & Moons, Tapestries & Tarot Cloths, Tarot/Oracle Decks & Divination, Natural Skin Care Line, Smudge Sticks, Feathers, Dream Catchers, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Doreen Virtue Angel Cards, Books and more