Tiso has manufactured physical security devices and systems for 20 years: all types of turnstiles, swing gates, emergency doors, road blocking systems and anti-ramming devices.

All products are manufactured in strict compliance with international standards and meet all quality, safety, design and usability requirements.

Our product’s quality is proved by the fact that our turnstiles are used for many years at such strategic facility as the European largest nuclear power plant with more than 15,000 employees and tens of millions of accesses each year.

Many sites in 33 countries including Ukraine, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Nigeria, Portugal, Angola, Israel, Libya, Iran, Egypt and other countries are equipped with systems and facilities manufactured by our company.

Continuous and successful experience during the exploitation, elegant exterior and affordable price of our products work up the market day by day. Flexibility of production and creativity of our staff is more than enough to make stunning embodiment of your original designs.