Welcome to the insanely sparkly world of Tiara King, Jewellery, Accessory & Fashion Designer, Creator, Collector and Consultant, Wardrobe Stylist, Life & Style Blogger, Author, Publisher and full time Carer.

For more than twenty-five years Tiara has been creating jewellery and accessories for herself, and turned her obsessive love for all things sparkling into her company, Jewel Divas®, in 2008 to sell her creations online. She creates amazing one of a kind jewelled pieces of couture clothing plus jewellery to sell and wear, and is amassing her own huge personal collection. She added styling to her repertoire through the Academy of Professional Image courses in 2013, choosing to go with wardrobe and accessory styling, as she loves to organise and colour co-ordinate, and added jewellery consultations into the mix as well.

Tiara blogs at her style site, Jewel Divas Style®, a one stop blog for style, sparkle, bling and dancing under disco balls. It also has its very own Style Store where Tiara sells pre-owned clothing and accessories as well as other sparkling goodies straight from her wardrobe. JDS is all about living life to the fullest when it comes to your funky clothing and sparkling accessories. The more the merrier, the bigger the better! “BE YOURSELF and wear as much jewellery as possible” is her philosophy!

Tiara started writing under her own name in 2013, producing non-fiction books How To Be A Jewel Diva: Tips And Tricks To Buying, Wearing And Caring For Your Costume Jewellery, and Carers Need Help And Support Too: One Woman’s Personal Journey through the Sacrifice of Caring. In 2015 she released Closet Confidential: How to Audit Your Wardrobe And Update Your Style. These books are based on her expertise as a jewellery designer, creator, collector and consultant, wardrobe stylist and full time carer for her mother, which is an exhausting job in itself.

Tiara started writing under the pseudonym, Lady Jewels Diva®, in 2006, producing the saucy adult novels The Road To Vegas, How I Won Lotto, Moved To L.A. & Married A Really Huge TV Star!, Life And Death Adventures In London and Her Secret Island Of Sex and Torment, plus non-fiction books Why Positivity Can Be A Bad Thing! and Dream It, Write It, Publish It! An Australian Guide To All The Hard Parts No One Tells You About Self-Publishing.

Tiara started writing children’s and young adult books under the pseudonym, T.K. Wrathbone®, in 2015, producing Next Top Mannequin, Cinderfella and Princess Charming: Witch Hunters, www.badluck-youredead.com and The Bones of Wrath: Changes.

Tiara is a tech savvy business owner with a huge online presence and electronic footprint covering an overwhelming set of online personas across many social media pages and sale websites for Tiara King, Jewel Divas®, Jewel Divas Style®, Lady Jewels Diva® and T.K. Wrathbone®. She sells her jewellery and other sparkling goods through her online websites and publishes her books through many sellers and distributors such as Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords, retaining control over her content, covers, and electronic, print, audio and foreign rights.

Tiara lives in Australia and blogs about many things under many names and has fans and followers from all over the world on multiple social media and networking websites.

For even more information visit – www.tiaraking.com.au