Topspin Table Tennis, your online source for top quality table tennis products at a competitive price. Table tennis is our business from paddles to table tennis rubbers, balls + other necessary gear; we can deliver you what you need at prices you can afford. We promote a lifestyle that draws inspiration from the sport of table tennis as a vehicle to transform relationships, overcome obstacles, while learning sportsmanship + ninja reflexes.
(We are also 100% positive the world would be a better place if everyone spent at least 15 minutes a day honing table tennis skills.)
For example

As a parent I know we only get about 900 weeks of childhood with our children. Do you want to spend time spanking them or spanking ping pong balls together?

It’s easy

Play Table Tennis with your kids + open up + share + laugh + spread good times + train them to have ninja reflexes + become an important parent in your child’s life.How does it work?

Spend 15 minutes a day with each child separately playing Table Tennis in your home. Listen to the laughter, watch the smiles + always resist the urge to structure their time with activities. Be present in the moment with them while unwinding the day with a table tennis match. You don’t need long talks with them just short daily talks. Your child will remember for the rest of his life that they were important enough to his parents that they turned off phones etc. to listen to them. Our idea is to first promote parents as the first world class coach to improve their child’s game. Don’t miss out take the time to explore Table Tennis with your child today.

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