At CCI we save you from being overwhelmed by your data.  We help you create the right strategies to drive business results from your sales, marketing and customer contact channels.  Using relevant data and insights we help you drive business results and improve your bottom line!

Data alone is not the answer, insights gained from the data is!

Through a combination of art and science, we use your data coupled with our proprietary data analyses techniques to help you develop and execute strategies to:

IDENTIFY more customers that align with your business objectives and financial drivers

ACQUIRE more profitable business through effective and efficient management of your marketing and lead generation efforts

GROW your existing customer revenue with targeted sales and marketing campaigns

RETAIN your customers through a differentiated customer engagement brand that more effectively utilizes your channels and optimizes your contacts.

CCI works directly with clients and their partners, across a diverse mix of industries and target markets.  We’ll work with you to design a project that drives the business insights you need within an investment that fits your budget!

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