Do you want to have

 A truly fulfilled life?
 Great relationships?
 Success on every level, personal & professional?
 Take control and be in the driving seat of your life?
 or simply want to slow down, relax and have a well-balanced life?

You can have it all, if you really really want it!

LIFE COACHING is a fairly new concept to this region yet it has become extremely popular over the past few decades in the US and Europe because of the transformation it enables. A lot of famous athletes and movie stars use life coaching to ensure they are on the right track towards achieving their dreams and moving from one success to another.

As life coaching has become more accessible, thousands of ordinary people have become interested in learning about this new phenomenon as the astounding results are readily seen, I am one of them.

Life coaching helps you on all levels of life, it helps you to set your own pace and perform better, discover and live your unique life purpose, achieve more while being relaxed, become the person you have always wanted to be, solve issues that hold you back, control your negative emotions, be happier and enjoy life, simplify your life and make more money…and much much more!! It all depends on you!

A life coach helps to set your agenda according to your priorities and what is important to you, helps you work with this agenda, and helps you to see "blind spots". Each time you meet with your coach you set new goals to achieve and means to achieve them.

In addition to the typical life coaching techniques, I use the science of energy and law of attraction, all based on Quantum physics discoveries and scientific proofs. Therefore, in a life coaching session, you will:

•         Clarify your intent
•         Identify internal conflict that keeps you from creating what you really want
•         Learn how to create the energy that manifests what you want quickly and easily
•         Learn about the power of affirmations and visualizations and how to make them work
•         Learn the number one reason why people fail to achieve what they desire
•         Understand how your beliefs determine your destiny
•         Use your energy to direct your life (rather than your life directing your energy)

You hold the internal blue print for everything you desire and NOW is the time to unlock the secret of any limiting beliefs or conditioning patterns and create your best possible life journey and destination!

Client Coach Relationship

-The first meeting is the free sample session, it is a short meeting to get to know each other and mutually agree if we want to work together.

-Coach and Client have to have a strong relationship built on trust and confidentiality, not to mention commitment.

-An Alliance will be designed and mutually agreed upon describing the relationship, ways of communication, schedules and commitment.

-Life coaching has been always a costly investment since it gives tangible transforming results, yet, as I believe in the importance of enabling individuals to achieve their aspirations, I've reduced the cost to the bare minimum:

About the Coach

Hanan Nagy is a Senior HR Manager in a leading holding company in based in Dubai. She holds 3 degrees high level degrees in Human Relations-related fields including a Masters degree in HRM from Middlesex University in London and was recognized as a distinguished employee of Dubai by H.H Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, in 2005: http://www.dubaiexcellence.com/English/gallery2004/gallery11.htm

Having worked with a life coach herself and transformed her life to achieve many of her dreams and aspirations, she is passionately looking forward to helping others to experience the same.

She is currently completing her life-coaching certification, accredited by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), a US-based organization accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

To schedule an appointment for a free Sample Session: please call 050 748 1504 or email hanagy@transformlc.com

Coaching sessions can be held face to face, on the phone or through a video conference call.