Joan M. Azarva, Ms.ED, with a Master's Degree from the University of Pennsylvania, is an expert college Learning Specialist with over three decades of experience. She started Transition Success as a result of witnessing the majority of motivated, capable students with learning disabilities experience extreme difficulty with the high school to college transition.

Azarva started a free subscription list and wrote CONQUER COLLEGE WITH LD/ADD after seeing students with LD navigate college using ill-conceived strategies and decisions that inadvertently sabotage their progress and result in failure.

Joan Azarva believes that proactive intervention can prevent missteps and help level the college playing field, providing LD students opportunities that are too often out of reach.  Azarva has had many success stories using her strategies, including that of her own son.

Call 215 620-2112 for more information or e-mail info@conquercollegewithld.com