We would like to welcome you and promote the Republic of Georgia located in the Caucasus, a region on the border of Asia and Europe, on the eastern coast of the Black Sea.
The Caucasus Mountains are fold mountains - mountains that were created when continental plates collided and formed about 65 million years ago, when Africa collided with Europe. The Taurus Mountains in Turkey were formed at the same time.
Georgia has an area of 26,911 square miles (69,700) square kilometers.
There are mountain ranges in the northern and southern parts of the country,while the Kura and Rioni valleys are in the center.
A granite massif is located near the town of Surami.
The climate along the coast is subtropical; elsewhere, there is a mild climate.
Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia.
The population - 4,260,000 people in Georgia.
84% are ethnic Georgians. There are also Armenians, Azeris, Russians, Ossetians and Abkhazians, Jews etc.
The official language of Georgia is Georgian. Russian, Armenian, Ossetian, Abkahzian and Mingrelian are also spoken.
65% of the people are Georgian Orthodox, There are also Muslims, Russian Orthodox and members of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Jews etc.
Many of the people of Georgia work in agriculture. Important crops are citrus fruits, grapes and tea. Wine production is also one of the main industries in Georgia,
Georgia has reserves of oil and manganese ore.
Precision machinery production, oil refining and steel production are important industries.
Georgia has a presidential system of government.
The official currency is the lari, which is made up of 100 tetri.