We work with patients neurolgocially and metabolically.  Majority of chronic conditions affect people in both areas.  Much like a car, our brain is our motor and our blood is our oil.  If our oil is junky, then our motor will begin to run junky!!!  

We run the necessary laboratory tests: general blood chemistry panels, specific immune panels, GI testing (paraistes and bacteria), sensitivity testing (gluten, soy, casein, egg, and yeast), adrenal gland testing and hormonal panels.  When we look at these tests, we are looking at the results from a "optimal" range.  Most MDs will look at lab tests from a reference range, or "sick" range.  This is why people will still have tons of symptoms, but their lab tests are "normal"!

We treat them accordingly, using natural support.

We also use neurological therapy to help strengthen the weak areas of the brain.  This is done using oxygen therapy and brain stimulation.  Think of your brain as a biceps muscle.  Whenever you lift weights with your arm, you are strengthening the arm.  Same thing with the brain, if you stimulate the right areas of the brain, you can strengthen that area of the brain = neurological retraining!!!  Healing!