Starting out as a driven 14 year old entrepreneur, simply cutting the lawns of my fellow Franklin Township neighbors, I was compelled to succeed as an entrepreneur and strive to build my company from the ground up. I was proud to say that in March of 2000, just shy of my 18th birthday, after a lot of hard work, self motivation and determination, my company was officially branded "Upright Landscape."

The company's unique name was fashioned from not only my passion for Landscaping, but derived of nature's majestic to grow green's "Upright." Originating is Somerset New Jersey and still to this day, my company is run by my wife and I, and continues to devotedly provide custom landscape solutions to Somerset County residents for nearly two decades. I stand by my word and my company's motto that Upright Landscape is, "The last company you will ever have to call for all your landscaping needs"!

VISION: Upright Landscape's vision is endeavoring to be recognized as a one of the leading, all-inclusive providing, landscape company's in Central New Jersey. Acknowledged for providing the highest quality of extraordinary services, by dedicated, skilled and extraordinary individuals.

MISSION: Upright Landscape's mission is to uphold its motto as, "The last company you will ever have to call for all your landscaping needs"! We aim to ever exceed our clientele’s expectations, strive to continuously provide optimal services and goal to ultimately enhance the beauty of every client’s property.

VALUES: Upright Landscape’s core values are the essence or integrity, leadership, honesty, cohesive teamwork, disciplined safety, quality services, prosperity so that we may continue to service the public, and the building and sustaining of strong relationships with our clientele and the industry.