Bulk SMS: why it’s an effective marketing strategy

SMS marketing, in the form of Bulk SMS, can be an effective way to give your business a much needed boost both in brand recognition and in revenue.

Email vs. Bulk SMS
Email has been the sentimental favorite of many companies. They send emails to potential and current consumers to inform them of promotions and other brand-related information. But the trouble with an email marketing strategy is that there is that the open rate is awfully low. Most of the time promotional emails will sit inside an inbox for days before being opened, or worse, go directly to the spam folder. On the other hand, SMS has an open rate of 98 percent. People also open the messages within five minutes after receiving them.

Bulk SMS benefits
Speed is an important marketing factor. And that’s what SMS gives. The message is sent across immediately, so the platform is perfect for last-minute communications. For businesses who want a flash day sale or a same-day sake, bulk SMS is the way to go.  
Response-oriented. Which is easier, opening an email and typing a response or sending a text message? Obviously, it’s the latter. It’s easier to open and respond to a text message. For consumers, this means convenience, for businesses the capacity to receive an immediate response increases the probability of revenues. Consumers are also more comfortable, and loyal, to brands they can easily interact with. SMS exudes a more personal marketing approach.
Cost-effective. Sending an SMS has always been low-cost, sending it in bulk also decreases the expense. It is definitely more affordable for businesses compared to other marketing strategies like placing billboards, telephoning, emailing or even sending a fax.
Reaches an intended audience. Bulk SMS can reach a target audience more effectively and efficiently. It can also easily increase its consumer base per area.
Environment-friendly. Most people do not realize how environment-friendly bulk SMS is. It does not rely on paper and ink like billboards and print-based advertising, there is no waste, fuel or transportation expenses.
Customization. It is not only the content of the promotional message that is customized, but the time the information will be sent. Bulk SMS services allows businesses to customize the transmission of time-sensitive information according to their needs.

How to avail of Bulk SMS
Unfortunately, there is a system involved when it comes to a bulk SMS marketing strategy. Businesses cannot just go into a texting-spree for promotional purposes. There are many Bulk SMS service providers in the Internet, however, businesses to have to be choosy since services need to be creative, comprehensive and provide utmost security for their clients. VBR Solutions, in particular, provides such needs. It offers a secure network, creative and unique message content, and technologically advanced solutions for an effective and efficient SMS marketing campaign. A good bulk SMS service provider can assure that a brand is continuously relevant and keeps track of the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.