VR Has Sold More Businesses In The World Than Anyone.®

In 1979, VR set out to revolutionize the way businesses change hands. Today, we are the innovative leader in the sale of privately held companies. With diligence and expertise, a commitment to internal education and unsurpassed professionalism, VR is driven to exceed the expectations created from a glorious history. The strength of the VR organization is its people. We are the only network of fulltime professional business intermediaries in the world. Consequently, we have proven our value to business clients across the country and around the globe. It's who we are, it's what we deliver.

VALUED REPRESENTATION: Global Strength, Local Experience
Our Mission: To always develop new and innovative practices for buying and selling businesses, protecting client interests, and refining the level of services every privately held business owner deserves and should expect to receive through Valued Representation.

VR prides itself in providing the same level of service and professionalism to each and every client no matter the size of their enterprise, and continues to be the driving force of the profession as it moves into the future.

VR® Celebrating 30 Years of Successful Business Sales through Valued Representation

Valued Representation defines VR.

It is the service we deliver to our clients; it is the meaning behind our name; it is what every business owner or potential owner deserves.