The VaasaETT Global Energy Think-Tank is an innovative provider of collaborative expertise
and solutions to the energy and utilities industry, through its network of senior executives,
officials, researchers and other experts that are mostly known and trusted personally. Value is
provided to partners through the synergy of Interactive Forums (both real and virtual) and
Collaborative Projects.
The Think-Tank focuses broadly on strategic business, market, innovation and regulatory
issues, and is world renowned for its expertise in fields such as Customer Psychology &
Behaviour, Smart Metering and Demand Response.
VaasaETT’s core team of specialists have provided assistance to more than 300 organizations
in around 50 countries; client references include Shell International, E.ON, ERGEG (European
Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas), EDF, Nokia, ABB, Electrabel, RAO, Fortum, ENECO
Energie, NUON GmbH, Brittish Gas, Union Fenosa, RWE, Duke Energy, BC Hydro Canada,
CRIEPI Japan, Npower etc.