IGX, a fun, family friendly, contracted attraction and marketing tool for the electronic gaming indusrty, offers FREE video games for patrons, producing tournaments, and has 6 - separate portable dynamic video game environments; each of which displays 17 flat panel HD screens. The IGX set up requires a 400 sq. ft. minimum set up space, 4 - 110 Volt, 20 amp electrical outlets, and must be in a covered structure. IGX contracts with events ranging from Festivals, Fairs, Colleges, Consumer Shows and Convention. IGX provides Nintendo Wii Healthy Lifestyle and Guitar Hero tournaments with prizes, and PR/Marketinig/Sponsorship support information. Game content can be customized to reflect the theme of an event, or the interest of attendees. All games are rated "C" for Children, "T" for Teen, and "E" for everyone.

What sets IGX apart from other entertainment offerings is a simple concept of touring with a wide array of video game systems and software titles, making it a unique and stand alone product.  IGX remains the only national tour to offer video gaming entertanment using all major console manufacturers and software developers. IGX offer a wide choice of gaming at every level for every video gamer. The enormity of the video game industry has made game-play a major part of today's entertainment fabric. IGX captures that audience and achieves what very few other events consistently do - attract the younger, hard to reach demographic. IGX will provide information on marketing concepts such as: A Teen Zone, and Video Game Tournaments/Media campaigns. Based in San Francisco, New York and Nashville, IGX employs professional touring crews and appears at over 130 events each year. Please contact us, and will provide a quote for your event based upon several factors such as: event duration, distance travelled to reach your event, time of year and equipment/personnel availability.