Vircom, Inc., based in Montreal, is a privately held software development and professional services company focused exclusively on email messaging security. Founded in 1994, Vircom is the only email security vendor to offer a wide range of deployment options, proprietary anti-spam technology, complete Windows™ infrastructure integration and premium customer service. Its award-winning products include modusMail™, modusGate™, modusGate™ Appliance. Vircom technology is made available to several major security providers and deployed through third-party vendors to customers in more than 100 countries.   For additional information, please visit http://www.vircom.com or call 1-888-484-7266.

Email Security Matters

Founded in 1994, Vircom’s goal is to provide your company with peace of mind by offering solutions that protect the value of your electronic communications.

This goal is not merely a service we offer, it’s a mission that each and every employee takes to heart. We place the highest value on email and we will undertake every measure to preserve it. Like the long-ago warriors of lore, we take on this duty with dedication, valour and honour, doing whatever is necessary to protect your freedom of e-expression.

After all, email is vital, wonderful and worth fighting for.

peace of mind ● flexibility ● specialized products ● improved ROI

Vircom offers high-quality protection systems that allow clients to effectively manage all outbound and inbound email communications, all the while protecting against spam, viruses, fraud, phishing, non-authorized communication, and other threats.

For almost fifteen years, Vircom has been a leader in the email protection field, consistently surpassing the competition with its innovative suite of modus products. More than 2,500 Vircom clients are currently resting easier thanks to modus technology, which protects more than 5.5 million inboxes worldwide.

Innovation ● Quality ● Partnership ● A humanist vision

When it comes to customer service, once again, Vircom leads the pack. Not only are Vircom products designed for the human end user, but they are also supported by one of the most dedicated teams in the field. Our experts are already fighting the threats of tomorrow to ensure the continued excellence of our products and services. And because our systems are reasonably priced, Vircom clients know that they’re getting the best ROI for their investment dollar.