WA Brokers located at http://www.wabrokers.com is an exclusive alliance of leading subject matter experts in the field of commercial and residential real estate  transactions throughout the Western United States.  Our mission is simple:  We Get Deals Done and Done Right! - while providing exceptional professional and customer service to buyers, sellers, and our member brokers.  We believe we have built a compelling business model to aggregate buyer, sellers, and member brokers to execute transactions and provide uncomparable professional service to their clients.  The relationships among our member brokers are contractual and long-term.  We value our quality relationships of experts and do NOT sell your information or proprietary data to anyone.  How do we accomplish this?  

We are a people and relationship driven network first and foremost.  
We are an integrity driven network that sets only the highest standards and expectations of ourselves to ensure we deliver honest results to all our clients!  
We believe our success is driven by focusing on client needs first and always!  Its our duty and obligation to ensure clients are not burdened or compromised by others that do no share this philosophy.    
Our broker alliance leverages professional and experienced broker specialists in each market, property type, and condition throughout the greater Western United States.  
Our alliance is built on leading experts in every professional field that may be required to complete client transactions right the first time, including real estate brokers, attorneys, lenders, appraisers, escrow companies, estate planners, 1031 exchange coordinators, property swaps, tax planners, franchisors, and CPAs.  You name it, we get it done!  
We don't accept "can't do"!  There is NO real estate transaction our broker alliance can't do and do right.  We leverage our broker alliance network through an innovative internet platform destination, our pre-established relationships, and a compelling user experience that connects buyers, sellers, and their brokers on the right property at the right time.  
We compete by helping others succeed.  We partner with anyone that places client interests first.    
If you share this mission, we invite you to join us.  Please don't hesitate to join our thousands of buyers that enjoy a unique and customer-service oriented buying experience, sell your property and get demonstrable results with leading real estate experts regardless of your property value, type, condition, or circumstances, or call us to join the premier network of real estate brokers and professional service firms that gets deals done throughout the Western United States based on the demonstrable success we built in the Evergreen state of Washington.      
WA Brokers is an Add Value Alliance, Inc. company located at 4114 198th Street SW Suite #3, Lynnwood, WA  98036