Our mission is to raise awareness of humanitarianism and fill this world with humanitarians!

We envision promoting the development of healthy international relations between and among nations by shaping humanity through education, health, fitness, wellness, beauty, culture and the arts.
Our Philisophy

As a humanitarian-based non-profit organization, We Care For Humanity seeks to promote the development of international relations between nations by contributing to humanity though education, health, entertainment, language, arts and culture.  Our formidable leadership maintains an operation and management that is genuinely democratic, entrepreneurial, cost-effective and always humanitarian.

We practice and implement plans and programs that are highly beneficial to our target market, who are the disadvantaged and underserved women, children, youth and senior citizens, alike. While we value and partner with cause-oriented individuals, business leaders, foundation heads, entrepreneurial titans, academic gurus, and entertainment moguls, we never underestimate that volunteerism is the backbone of any non-profit organization. Thus with our continued quest for highly empowered membership and dynamic volunteers, we expect to continue to grow and be able to serve people and care for humanity.