WOM Communications stands for Word-Of-Mouth Communications, and the reason beneath this has a double meaning: first of all, our first and largest clients came from a verbal referral, and secondary, because we believe that a good referral is everything and we build our marketing branding strategy around referrals through Social Networks, Forums, Blogs and other similar entities. There is always an individual behind each business decision-maker. An individual, who feels, analyses, and acts according to his internal views, is the one who we may convince on something.

We create separate divisions, and each one focuses on a specific area:

•SaaS Marketing (Software-as-a-Service Marketing)
•Manufacturing Marketing
•Small Business Marketing
•Healthcare Marketing

However, all WOM Communications divisions have something in common and this will be the services/products we deliver:

•Web Design & Development - All our projects come with free on-Site SEO, which makes your site a step ahead right away. Some, will tell you that it takes up to 3 months to index your website by major Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We guarrantee, that your pages will be index within 2 weeks or less with our state-of-art online SEO marketing Program.

•Powerful Backlinks Programs, that include backlinks from industry-focused blogs, forums, social/professional networks, high traffic ranking directories, and site reviews

•Industry-specific IP Hosting to raise your total SEO score, on our dedicated server, that include free domain/renewals, free webmaster support, free backups, and much more

•Advertising Materials - for Content Match/banner programs, on and off-line brochures, portfolio, post cards, other creatives

•Landing Pages & Microsites - for your specific Marketing Campaigns to help you in capturing and analysing leads through the means of email, internet forms, phones, radio & tv

•Paid Search Management - Core Trio (Google-Yahoo-Bing Paid Search Management) and 2nd Tier Paid Search Management