Digital Marketing is really about two of the traditional "four P's" of marketing, Promotion and Place.  Promotion speaks to the media and information dissemination model around the marketing program.  Place speaks to the location of offer and methods of distribution.   Digital marketing is really about engaging consumers through new mass channels and through the individualized nurturing.

Mass channels include online promotion through paid advertising, literature publication and social / viral material.  New models come up frequently, such as mobile advertising.  A typical program in digital marketing would be to:

  1. develop a basic web presence (or “spruce up” an existing web site), investigate the relative market position of the business wrt search performance, competitor position and probable consumer location;
  2. find the consumers online with paid search, while improving the conversion processes on the web presence in order to maximize outcomes from visitors;
  3. develop a sustainable presence in the desired search concepts and language through content marketing and building high value links;
  4. develop a client nurturing process for all stages of client life-cycle;
  5. continuously improve the performance of the overall system.