WageKick is the next generation of online job board marketplaces. Through WageKick hourly job seekers utilize our Job Analyzer, net incomes, commute costs/times, personal profiles, and dashboards to find the absolute best local opportunities. The Employers who seek them save time, reduce turnover, and hire quality candidates by utilizing WageKick’s unique profile badges, candidate ranking algorithms, and audio/video applications.

The problem is multi-faceted in the fact that it is different for job seekers and employers. For job seekers, we have found that not all job seekers are the same yet online they are unanimously handed a list and some filters to search for jobs. More specifically hourly job seekers lack the tools and knowledge that give them the full & accurate picture of which local job is the best opportunity for them while also lacking a seamless way to apply and demonstrate their work experience & education.  For employers, the main struggles arise from turn over and a lengthy process of finding applicants that are not fully satisfied with their jobs due to outside factors such as commute. Our profile and dashboard experience aim to solve the problem of making the search and filtering of potential candidates much more streamlined and our job seeker tools aim to solve the problem of job seekers feeling unsatisfied.

When we look at applications and startups, there is often a lot of similar thinking and overdone ideas. We don't believe in that. Having one founder from a respected marketing firm, and the other from a technology giant, we have the ability to think in scalable, targeted function at a high level. On one side, Tim is focused on creating a targeted job seeker and employer experience, and essentially understands how to make us the first thought and the site that's bookmarked in your browser. On the other side, Rich comes from a usability and engineering background, ensuring that the experience is the best platform in our space.