With a background in personal training and kickboxing, we struggled to find an eco-friendly deodorant that was natural yet effective. So, we at Wavy Deo decided to take matters into our own hands!

Over the years we developed what became the perfect vegan and compostable underarm solution for active lifestyles.

Wavy Deo brings you an all-natural, high-performance deodorant that blows all other deodorants out of the water! We formulate our deodorants with the most delicate of ingredients without compromising unmatched odour protection.

Wavy is 100% guaranteed to block all underarm odour so you can leave the house in the morning with confidence.

What Makes Us Different?

Wavy was formulated for active people by active people. Each ingredient including our packaging has been carefully and strategically selected while always keeping our brand value of sustainability in mind. Each fragrance is also professionally blended into a multi-layered sensory explosion!

Wavy Deo’s look and feel comes from our own experience of exercising outdoors and seeing firsthand the mental and physical impact that working out in the fresh air can have on our overall wellbeing.

We believe that it's wavy to be fit, environmentally conscious and live a natural and healthy lifestyle all at the same time hence why our name is 'Wavy' Deo.

We are...

• Vegan

• Paraben free

• Aluminium free

• Plastic free (100% Compostable)

• Cruelty free

• Made with only natural fragrances

• Freshly Made in London, UK