As an independent consultancy Wick IT Services specialises in providing internet-based business products that can help to promote  businesses to potential customers and to effectively manage  business data. As a small business owner, Alex Barrett understands the importance of keeping overheads to a minimum while maintaining a highly professional level of service. Clients benefit from the service they receive and the offering that is presented to their customers.

Wick IT Services acts as an expert IT department available, as and when required, with the resources and experience to help clients make strategic and important choices in your use of technology. Most smaller businesses do not have a full time technology specialist working for them or a department dedicated to working with IT. It is fairly typical for such businesses to struggle on as best they can until something triggers a need to call on the services of a specialist. Then they call in Wick IT Services to provide expert assistance and support.

Wick IT Services helps clients market their business to potential new customers and help build loyalty with your existing customer base in a number of pro-active ways. Email marketing campaigns, search engine optimisation and paid advertising are all essential elements in the mix of marketing tools available in the Wick IT Services box of tricks.

In addition to website support and design Wick IT Services can help clients in a technical crisis internally with support services that are both skilled and discreet or provide impartial advice where a client is finding it difficult to choose between possible alternative purchases in the IT sphere.

Wick IT Services is proud to be recommended by its clients and stands upon a record of good service and satisfaction for those who it is proud to serve.