At WiselyWise, our Vision is to enable a better Digital Future for Everyone.
We are committed to Solving the Twin Challenges of Employment & Employability by enabling Students’ Transformation through Digital Skills Enablement starting with Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Our Founders are highly Experienced with combined 50+ years: - CTO Dell, Transformation Leader- IBM & CRM Practice Leader - Cognizant. Our Founder & CEO, Chandra Kumar is a Leading Keynote Speaker, Digital Transformation Mentor in Singapore and Advisor to Government Agencies.
Do you know that Our Flagship product WiseCentral - a Cloud based Online AI Education Platform, has an unmatched Success Record across some of the Best Universities, Corporates, Educational Institutions, K-12 Schools globally? There is More than One Reason ….
* Cost-Effective, Easy to Use Platform
* Learning Paths with multiple Skill Oriented Courses derived from Our team’s Real-World Experience
* Multiple Teaching modes – Online, Classroom, Flipped, Bootcamp, Workshops - that are highly Cost-Effective.
* In line with the global curriculums of leading Universities with proven Learning Methods
* Our Education Partners find it Profitable & Easy to work with us
* Our Partners become Self-Sufficient with our Faculty Enablement programs
*  Focus on Community Building
* Commitment to launch new courses in Collaboration with Global Leaders including Amazon, UiPath
* Our extensive connects in the Global ecosystem: Research Labs, Start-ups and Government
Our Mission is to continue Investing in our Platform to create new Value-Adds for Students in the Long Run.
If you were wondering about Results? Moving Careers, Getting Jobs, Starting new Ventures, Winning Google Hackathons, Using their AI projects for successful application to Higher Studies in Global Universities – Our Student Alumni have done it all!
Contact us via http://wiselywise.com/contact-us/ for exciting Offers
If you prefer, email: chandru@wiselywise.com