Purpose is the glue that holds our group together. It is a topic we visit frequently to ensure team alignment, maintain strong partnerships, and objectively review our performance. Our mission is to learn and grow together while using our skills and experience to help create positive change in the companies we invest in or purchase. Our group relishes the opportunity to coach and mentor our partners and we firmly believe that results are a function of strong leadership at all levels of our organizations.

Our interests are broad, but we’re looking first and foremost for serious sellers who either want to move on, or take some chips off the table and dramatically change the growth trajectory of their company.

The majority of our acquisitions or investments meet the following criteria:
- Diverse and stable customer base
- Strong history of profitable returns
- Niche position in the market is clear and defensible
- Terms result in actual or effective control of the company

Areas of Particular Interest: Software, Supply Chain, Recurring Services

In addition to constantly looking at new opportunities, WK is actively seeking out acquisition candidates to further expand our Home Services and Food Manufacturing funds. From HVAC to plumbing to electrical, if it’s in the Northwest, we’re interested. In Food Manufacturing, we’re looking all across the US for additional acquisition candidates that serve commercial grade food manufacturers, be it in software, hardware or services.