Xeesm (pronounce ’see sum’) is a social business application platform with applications that lets you reach more people faster and more easily and makes you more approachable. The Xeesm business applications are build from ground up with the social business in mind. Innovative concepts and new business processes are developed to help forward thinking business teams to stay aligned with the ever more connected business society. All Xeesm solutions are on-demand web based applications.

The current core applications include MyXeesm, a social site manager, a “social address book” and Xeesm/Flights!, a solution that lets you set business objectives and track your activities to successfully complete your business goals.

Xeesm is used by sales people or teams to improve the customer experience, by marketing teams to improve brand relationships. It’s used by product management to develop a better understanding of their market, may it be customers or other constituencies. Xeesm is also used by HR teams or recruiter to learn more and faster about candidates and teams. It is used by agencies to help their clients manage their social presence. Continuously Xeesm user find new applications to develop a better way of doing business.

Because of it’s networked nature, Xeesm makes the old corporate silos more translucent and provides a refreshing way of inter company and cross company boundary collaboration.

Xeesm is a crowd sourcing based product, driven by over 1,000 inputs and feature requests from a rapidly growing group of over 30,000 business users.
Xeesm core benefit:

Reaching out to more people faster, more easily.

Where the name comes from:

To lead, you need to see through – beyond the here and now. We help you ‘xee’ the social map of your ecosystem in a holistic way. “See the social map of your ecosytem” is short Xeesm
(pronounce ’see sum’)
Where do we go from here?

Well – where do YOU want to take it?

Xeesm is a “crowed sourcing” based product. We develop it based on your feedback, based on what we learn how you use it and based on the vision we have about better social relationships. We weave what we learn from you into a single vision: Help you reach more people faster more easily. Thanks so much for all the feedback, keep sending it so we can deliver what you need.

Connect with us: this is our own XeeSM: http://xeesm.com/xeesm