Xeesm Apps World is out

Social Business is going beyond connections and social chatter. In its next phase business leaders are ACTING on customer needs, market requirements and opportunities.



Xeesm Apps are focused on social business applications that help business people across the board to be able to act. While the general social web is a rather crowded place and the level of distraction is very high – business people will need to focus. The social web is a perfect place to listen to your customers. But listening alone doesn’t get things done. Only ACTING on customer needs, market requirements and opportunities will provide the much needed business success.

Xeesm Application Platform is just the beginning. While you will see some initial applications provided by Xeesm, in the next few month you will see other applications, developed by third party.

Cross Functional Application Network
The Xeesm platform allows sales teams to share contacts with marketing and support, product management is able to tap into the customer base and HR can share candidates with the respective departments. Business opportunities can be supported by product teams or business partners. Reseller can collaborate on opportunities with their vendors or other reseller. Logistics and procurement departments can leverage connections other organizations internally or externally have. The application network is making silos more translucent and allows team collaboration as never seen before.

A Networked Multi Tenant Architecture
The Xeesm Platform is very unique in its design. Unlike traditional business application platforms, build with one customer as application owner in mind, the Xeesm Platform is a based on a networked architecture that allows users to collaborate across company boundaries. Collaborating with partners, alliances, independent vendors and most importantly with customers.

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