Yakit is a Silicon Valley Startup focusing on supercharging E-Commerce.  Yakit exposes Ecommerce to uniform worldwide shipping from any E-Commerce
system via any carrier with advanced logistics tools for E-Commerce merchants.

Based in the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, CA, Yakit is changing the way eCommerce shipping works, one package at a time using cutting edge ideas, cutting edge technology and cutting edge employees.  

Yakit was developed over the past 2 years as a "Virtual" 4PL to flatten the world of E-Commerce.  Yakit was introduced to benefit not only shippers, but carriers, 3PL’s, consumers and the marketplace as well.

Yakit is not a carrier, nor a multi-carrier shipping system, what Yakit is, is a Gateway for Ecommerce shippers to obtain the Best Carrier, Best Service and Best Cost in real time.

Visit us at www.yakitnow.com for more information