YouBIM gives owners an integrated database and instant access to facility information through an easy-to-navigate web-based 3D/BIM interface. In other words, YouBIM is an online 6D application. 6D is an acronym for BIM for Facilities Management or BIM for Buildings Operations and Maintenance.
YouBIM is a SAAS (Software as a service) cloud based solution, for today's demanding facilities. By utilizing a 3 dimensional immersive environment for navigation in your property, facility maintenance needs can be identified and assigned quicker, and also give more information about the service environment. As a function of maintaining a facility, YouBIM attaches rich data and OEM documents to smart objects in the online Building Information Model (BIM) dataset providing instant access to critical information regarding specific building components. In addition, YouBIM manages scheduled maintenance along with abrupt building component failure to ensure a smooth running facility.
In Today's typical construction of a property, the owner is paying for multiple versions of a BIM data set to be created but at the end the owner is handed off a pile of CD's/DVD and a ton of paper documents. On the CD's is a mix bag of file types that range from Autodesk Revit, Bentley, AutoCAD DWG's with a smattering of fabrication add-on files to boot. All these files have valuable data that represent, what is delivered inside the property but how does a property owner get access to these files without investing lots of money? New software platforms of the Native BIM authoring platforms can run in the thousands and that's just the software investment, then training, maintenance and upgrades upgrades upgrades. This is where YouBIM comes in, YouBIM can take all those different data sources and combine them all together into one online navigation model with access to all the OEM and maintenance records attached. Accessing the online YouBIM model is as simple as have internet access, your secure username and password and you're logged in using the tools, all online and without the need of any of the heavy weight BIM authoring software!