The goal of JACooke Associates, owner of Travel Club Direct, is to provide high quality e-commerce business that not only provide travel and tourism services, but help members save money on their vacations or business travels, as will as helping them make commissions on their word-of-mouth advertising.

JACooke Associates, a state-of-the art worldwide internet travel booking company will save members millions of dollars by significantly discounting rates using our network which currently have thousands of professional travel vendors worldwide who have agreed to offer services at a wholesale price for our members.

We not only offer members the ability to save money, but to make money as well. Members earn unlimited income, as well as residual overrides. Prospective customers worldwide will love the wide range of services we offer at such a competitive price. Members will enjoy the leads and commissions earned from adding this to their product portfolio.

In addition to commissions, members automatically receive their own personalized website and within months of being in operation may qualify for free health insurance and a free $150,000 life insurance policy.

Travelocity has partnered with us. We also have contracts with major travel vendors, domestic and international airlines; car rentals, and cruises lines. (Carnival, Celebrity, Disney, Holland, America, Norwegian, Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Windstar), Escorted Tours (Contiki, Insight, Vacations, Trafalgar), Hotels (Powered by Hotels.com, Hot Rate Hotels, World Choice Hotels), Travel Packages (Apple vacations, Custom Packaged Spa Vacations, Customized Golf Packages, Priceline, Rockwell Tours), Last minute deals, sightseeing tours, concerts and sports event tickets.

Backed by ten years in the travel, hotel, and tourism business, James Cooke knows the ins and outs of the cost involved with this procurement. The expansive knowledge will be a key in brokering deals with prospective customers.

As more and more people become involved in our network of travel, hotel , and tourism services. They will travel more while maximizing their saving and earning potential. Mr. Cooke entered the travel services scenario as an advocate to the customer, in which he have done all the price haggling for them, arrange all commissions, and provide a turnkey service business without the customerhaving to step into a travel agency.

The travel industry is primed for a business model such as JACooke Associates. There are two similar companies. Expedia and and Orbitz that has proven that this business model work successfully. The only way that the companies differ is that Expedia and Orbitz do not offer memberships for their customers to save money on their travels or for them to make money through word-of-month advertising.

While JACooke Associates offer memberships to save members money on their vacations and business travels, we pay our members for their word-of-month advertising, and we offer extra services such as limousine service, delivery services, honeymoon registry, foreign currency exchange, passport and visa services, F.T.D. flowers, golf tea time, last minute deals> We have currently entered into the sell of new and pre-owned vehicles.

Our founder's expertise will set us apart from other companies seeking to enter our market.

So, whether you’re looking for something fun to do on the side, a part-time business or even a brand new career, we offers a world of opportunity!

It’s an exciting business where you call the shots! In fact, work from home on your schedule—and on your terms—in one of the most fun and exhilarating industries on the planet!

We’re a proven, publicly traded company ranked the 26th largest seller of travel in North America with over $425 million in travel sales last year alone! And, we’re looking for people just like you who want to be a part of this fantastic industry!

To become a member: http://www.yotb.info

To use our service: http://www.travelclubdirect.com

Email: 2039@usa.com