ZAP of New England is an electric vehicle dealership serving the communities of the North Shore in Massachusetts . As a subsidiary of Solar Edison LLC, we are at the forefront of renewable energy technologies.

You will find that we are a very different auto dealership. From the unique sustainable energy product manufacturers that we represent, to our special way of doing business.

Most customers find our relaxed and "meeting your needs" attitude is the most refreshing part of getting fitted with an energy sustainable vehicle that best meets your needs. We have grown up in this community, and we find that more and more; we are building friendships with customers, because we all share a vision of building a sustainable community that is in harmony with our natural resources. Imagine owning a vehicle with zero emissions and zero gasoline costs! Even after counting emissions from electric generating plants, ZAP Cars & Trucks produce 98% less pollution than gas cars.

For your personal or business transport, think electric! You'll laugh at high oil prices and never pull into a gas station again. A ZAP car's appetite is meager. And, you can recharge it at any, yes any electrical outlet.

As you explore all-electric vehicles, you will discover that ZAP electric vehicles are quiet, economical and surprisingly affordable!