Zeallionaire Enterprise is a progressive organization that empowers elementary age children, teens, young adults (college age) and working age adults to make informed decisions about money. We offer customized financial literacy programs, workshops, seminars and lectures.

Our clients have a great interest in providing financial literacy to the people they serve however; they do not know where to start to develop a program or lack the time necessary to create a quality program.

At the Zeallionaire Enterprise, special skill is used in evaluating our client’s needs in order to design a custom program. Our professional experts aim to bring clarity and understanding of basic financial concepts that can be applied to manage money more effectively to build sustainable wealth and thereby provide a legacy.

Our intention is to establish a partnership with our clients that build long-term success. Our hands-on innovative approach creates a conducive environment for learning. And we develop a program from the basic to advance levels of financial knowledge to create an understanding of healthy money habits that align with spiritual practices.

Specifically we provide the following:
 Qualified licensed financial professional to facilitate each session.
 Customized innovative program based on the clients goals and objectives.
 Materials: Books, Workbooks and Handouts.
 Resources: Access to relevant financial professionals to address needs that arise in the course of the program as well as access to reliable online resources to aid in the financial planning process.
 One-on-one objective counseling to participants, if requested.