Founded in 2001, Zultys is the leading provider of Open Standard IP phone systems that allow you to do a LOT more with less. We provide a feature-rich enterprise class system, that is priced for the SME, in one single energy-efficient server. Our award-winning platform is loaded with business enhancing features right out of the box, such as Soft Phone, Find-me Follow-me, Presence, Secure Chat, Teleworker support, SIP open standard desktop and cordless phones, and much, much more.

Our Multi platform unified communications client, “MXIE,” is fully supported on Microsoft Windows, Apple and Linux. Any business, no matter what their  chosen desktop environment, can leverage the full benefits of a Zultys solution to increase efficiency and productivity while ensuring your people are more connected. All out of one box, without requiring an entire wall of servers.  

This means that means you can instantly be in touch with whoever you need to, however you need to, wherever they are – and interact with them through the internet as dynamically as if they were across the table from you, even if they’re across the world.

You can work more efficiently to solve problems, collaborate on mission critical projects, and share documents and information. You can save time, save money, and even save lives.

There are many trends in Unified Communications, and at Zultys we feel we’re riding the crest of the wave to bring the best possible solutions to the market.  That’s why we embraced Open Standards at the founding of our company in 2001. We offer businesses a family of proven end-to-end solutions based on SIP, inside and out. Our products range from feature-rich energy-efficient servers like the MX250, which can scale to support 10,000 users across your global network,  to our own range of SIP phones.

Open Standards lets Zultys resellers and customers tailor deployments for their specific needs, not ours. Why should we limit our customer’s choice of phones and supporting services, or control what a customer can and cannot deploy?

Zultys main products include:
* MX250 and MX30 "all-in-one" energy efficient IP PBX
* Full range of ZIP 5-Series desktop and cordless SIP phones
* MXIE (Media eXchange Interface for End users) desktop presence agent which integrates with Outlook and provides one-click IM, email, calling, and web conferencing
* MXmeeting web conferencing platform which provides a fully interactive, collaborative meeting environment