Active Business InternationalĀ® functions as an International ISO Certification and
Training Body located in United Arab Emirates delivering its services globally. Our
core business is to provide organizations certification of ISO management systems
according to several international standards.

We value our customers as well as their concern to get a reliable and an authentic
credibility which carries a sound recognition. Hence, our experience and accreditation
signifies our professionalism and abilities to deliver all the certification needs of
the client. Thus, we can proudly claim that we have satisfied thousands of clients of
various sizes and certification scopes and will continue work above and beyond their

We differ from other certification bodies largely by pragmatic approach to an audit
without emphasis on bureaucracy. Thus, we ensure that our audit activities are carried
out in accordance with our scope of accreditation and within the requirements
We are accredited by United Accreditation Forum located in Colmar, Norfolk,
United States of America. UAF is a full member of International Accreditation
Forum (IAF) and PaciĀ¬fic Accreditation Cooperation PAC.