While the world is getting smaller, equipping oneself with international experience become valuable assets in personal and professional growth. Do you truly know the difficulties that individuals are faced with? Going abroad to study is an extremely arduous and frustrating process, then when you add in finding the exact program you are interested in, looking for support on the other side of the world is another struggle you may face. You will discover there is no right place to find the right connections and right programs. All of those challenges brought you with lots of information but nothing that was connected and easy to follow, until now. A new startup is born for inspiring international stories making real and easy, introducing you abroadeasy.
Abroadeasy was created when a Chinese national and an American got together and looked at the way international travelers had been attempting to seek more meaningful educational programs that allow them to visit the US without being just another tourist.
Xin Chen Hamilton found out the hard way. She had been tricked by a Chinese agency and forced to pay a substantial amount of money for school application and process. She then comes to the U.S. only to find out she ended up enrolled in a less than reputable 4 year school that included a very uncomfortable and unpleasant homestay. Fortunately, her strong ability to learn on her feet enabled her quickly familiarize herself with the US college transfer system, and then navigate her new abroad life alone. She found this out with a lot of searching the random information out there and through tons of trial and error of course. With her strong determination and hard work Xin graduated from San Diego State, that drive and ambition also found her accepting two separate internships at school and then landed her a full time job right after graduating. Those accomplishments are difficult for students from the US let alone for an international student. All of these experiences have made her an incredibly valuable asset who wishes to share what she has learned and pass on to the next generation of students who choose to study abroad.
The idea of having a truly one-stop international platform that is supportive to the students’ needs has always stood out in Xin’s mind as the first program she passionately cares to create. Especially witnessing students and adults who are either lacking the opportunities to come here, or get lost when they arrive.  She feels during her past seven years in the U.S. she is even more determined on make the concept into reality.
Born in Washington and growing up in Southern California, the other co-founder of abroadeasy.com, Natthan Hamilton had been home schooled through high school. He then attended the same schools as the future co-founder who is also his wife. While in school they both shared their similar ambitions and dreams of making improvements in peoples’ lives, they came together and grew strong as a couple ready to lead an expanding team.
After graduating from San Diego State, Natthan experienced what many other new graduates do: he was lost and unsure of what his next step should be. He spent the next six months researching every industry and every career opportunity only to find none piqued any particular interest in him. With no luck in the U.S., he looked globally and found an interesting path teaching English in China. This first international experience opened his eyes to the rest of the world.
Together the two founders realized there was a huge gap between two of the largest countries. That gap is found in regards to the international programs offered in one country and how they are visible for consumption in the other. Every process they researched was disjointed and stood alone. They found there was no help or direction when picking a school or program, finding local support before going there or even what classes to take once they got there. Natthan and Xin found there was major room for improvement.
Abroadeasy.com is a site where you can access all different types of educational programs, from summer and winter camps, ESL classes and even work & travel extension schools. In this internet 3.0 are, abroadeasy connects the most complete listing of study abroad programs. It only starts from here. The more the abroadeasy team explores the industry and understands the needs of their customers the more exciting it will get.
This site also ties in the things that aren’t necessarily part of the education experience, but the needs of the customers are the focus and so the site has information on finding local housing, general knowledge of the area and even cultural exchanges, all in an effort to truly immerse you, as an individual or as a group, in a new culture in the hopes that when they return home the will have gained memories, worldly experiences, and maybe even made new friendships they did not have prior to embarking on their own grand adventure.