All companies claim to be different and everyone believes they offer a unique service to their clients.

Since our inception in 2001 it has been our stated aim to move from service provider to that of trusted advisor. Since the business began in early 2001 with a phone and a fax and a pot plant we have grown to 52 people over 4 geographical locations simply by offering a consistently high level of service.

We don’t claim to have recreated the recruitment “wheel” we simply listen to our clients and offer them the best advice.

Our business began with the simple ethos that recruitment wasn’t difficult. It was about giving clients and candidates what they wanted. If we didn’t have what they wanted at the time (and very often back then we didn’t) we would tell them. Not giving people what they wanted stood us in very good stead and we learnt very quickly that all people wanted was honesty.

Refreshingly honest very quickly became our strapline and with it our byword for success.