The industry leader in Automotive Intelligence, Acerta is helping OEMs and Tier 1s leverage machine learning to optimize vehicle quality, safety and reliability throughout the entire product lifecycle. Our solutions are forged from industrial experience and driven by data, enabling Acerta’s clients to detect the earliest indicators of future product failures.

Acerta’s LinePulse SaaS platform helps automakers identify anomalies in production data to uncover faulty assemblies, enhance end-of-line testing and accelerate root cause analysis.

Acerta’s AutoPulse SaaS platform facilitates predictive maintenance for connected and autonomous vehicles using on-road data to minimize unexpected breakdowns and maximize fleet uptime.

-What Makes Us Different-
Acerta’s machine learning models are tempered with domain knowledge, built up from an extensive history of working with datasets from transmissions, axles, gearboxes, engines, etc. This gives our models an edge in automotive applications compared with generic “AI” solutions.

Our expansive library of machine learning models gives Acerta’s data scientists a head start for any automotive dataset. We train models and deliver initial results to our clients in weeks, not months.

Most importantly, Acerta’s models are getting better every day. We maintain the industry’s largest anonymized database of automotive products, processes, and failure modes, ensuring optimized model performance. Acerta’s models deliver results with higher accuracy and precision because of the breadth and depth of our automotive experience.

Improve OEE, accelerate RCA and reduce the risks of warranties and recalls with machine learning solutions purpose-built for the automotive industry.

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