Here at Adrenaline Performance Training we're all about improvement. Improvement of strength, speed, and range of motion. We promise your coaches will sit up and notice!

We're not a simple, easy, butt-on-the-couch program promising to give you results. We guarantee results, if you put in the work. The amount of results you're going to gain is up to you. We can't do your reps. We put in enough of our own! We promise you'll be sweating, tired, and incredibly hungry but we also promise you'll love every second of it!

The reason we created and have a great passion for this program is the simple fact that by performing in-season, sports specific training only, you are not able to receive the many benefits of a well-rounded APT program in order to see massive improvements in overall strength, speed, and power.

Many high-school athletes in New Hampshire do not know about or have many affordable options to improve their performance… we wanted to created a training program to fill that void. What is a higher vertical, faster sprints, and highly improved muscle strength worth to you? You won’t find a better, more enjoyable program. We have an awesome time training and promise you will too!

APT is a two-sided program, a women’s division: – ATP Ladies – and men’s division: – The Beast Program –
The women train on Monday and Wednesday nights, while the men train Tuesday and Thursday nights. We train in small groups of between 4-10 clients in order to be able to focus, but keep a fun environment too. It’s a great thing seeing clients push each other to new goals. Come try us out!