Emind Computing Pvt. Ltd. has released a marketing application for Android users.
It is innovate online marketing platform, featuring video advertisements that viewers can watch at any given time from the comfort of their home.

Ads Jack is an end-to-end user engagement platform where viewers can view the ads, watch trailers, get directions to the store, and enjoy deals from various brands. The incentive for viewers to watch Ads is that they are rewarded Jack points which in return can be redeemed in the form of mobile recharge.

Alongside viewer benefits, advertisers can use the platform to run campaigns for the video ads with specific targeted audience, by age, income group, gender, geography, etc. The app acts as a strategic media partner facilitating brand outreach.

Key Features:

•     Earn Jack Points: Watch a video ad or share the video on Facebook and earn points
•     En-cash Jack Points: Redeem Jack Points in the form of recharges, e-vouchers and coupons.
•     Get directions: You can get directions to the store
•     Promotions: Stay informed of the coming up products, sale announcements and other offers directly from the store.
•     Display video Ads, do product releases, sales announcements and run App download campaigns
•     A share option enables viewers to push the Ad to million other viewers on Facebook and be rewarded in return.
•     Analytics: Real time analytics for both viewers and advertisers to keep track of their activity and download customized reports.

Established in 2015, E Mind Computing is a product development company. Our ideas stem from the pain points, bridging the gap between a problem and it’s solution. Creating, designing and developing applications for both web and mobile platforms, we provide end-to-end solutions with the support of our in-house development team. We have the experience and ability to build innovative and useful apps that are essential in the ever-changing Digital World by utilizing our technical and domain expertise, and methodological processes giving us an edge. Our expertise extends to both Android and IOS platforms.