This innovative and multi award winning social enterprise is based in the village of Airedale in Castleford, West Yorkshire.  

We collect redundant computers for reuse or disposal from several Local Authorities, schools and businesses throughout Yorkshire. We use this equipment to retrain long-term unemployed, volunteers and school work placements.  

To keep your personal or corporate information secure, we use commercial software to sanitize all hard drives, effectively overwriting every sector of a drive with zeros and ones. We then shred (physically destroy) any drives that are not being reused.

We refurbish computers and electronics for reuse and we recycle the non-working equipment to keep it out of landfill.  Refurbished computers are made available free of charge to local charities and other good causes and the rest are made available at low cost to the local community through our 3 computer retail shops in Pontefract, Castleford and Airedale.  

All our proceeds go to the registered charity Chrysalis Youth & Community Project to help run the sports and community centre in Airedale called THE HUT    

We are members and hold the Chair of the Regional Electronics Initiative (REI)  a network of similar computer recyclers across the North of England helping to make sure of good practise in our industry with all members working to an agreed code of conduct.

We are also a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher