All Call Technologies is the national division of the very popular Answer Idaho voice service. All Call Technologies integrates a clients existing voice service with their powerful voice system to solve many small business communication issues. This customized automated voice service can be simple voice mail that delivers the message to the clients email or as large as the client needs.

The main advantage to this service is that if the clients phone line is busy calls are still answered. Small offices have a limited number of phone lines, perhaps only one and if it is busy callers will not be able to leave a message with built in phone system voice mail. And calls can be routed to the clients cell phone or another phone without the caller redialing (And without divulging a staff persons personal phone number).

This service also provides their clients with professionally recorded custom outgoing greetings that make a great impression on the caller. Greetings can be programmed to change during the day and functionality will change to match. So during business hours the caller may only have the option to leave a message but after hours and on weekends the caller may have options to leave a message, reach the client or many other options.

Voice mail messages are recorded then send to the clients email as WAV, WMA or MP3 audio attachments. The client listens to the messages on their computer speakers or headphone. Emails may be sent to up to three email addresses simultaniously. And notifications may be sent to the clients cell phone as SMS text messages. Or the system can call the client to deliver the message.

Calls may be routed to office phones, cell phones, home phones or soft phones anywhere in the country. One of the most popular features of All Call Technologies is their Call Announce. With Call Announce the caller listens to music as the system dials the client phone. When the client answers they are told this is a business call. This way they know how to answer the call.

All Call Technologies parent company Answer Idaho LLC has been serving Idaho since February 2006 and continues to grow. All Call Technologies upgrades their equipment every year so their clients will always have the latest features at their disposal.