ALS Automated Lab Solutions GmbH develops advanced automated laboratory solutions for single cell isolation and analysis, stem cell research and new cell line development. ALS’ proprietary technologies, instrumentation and consumables address unmet research and automation needs in life science, biotechnology, clinical and pharmaceutical research. ALS’ flagship product, the CellCelector™ is a versatile system for automated screening and recovery of single cells, clusters or colonies for downstream molecular characterization or cell culturing. It combines high resolution fast fluorescence imaging, sensitive cell detection technology and patented robotics for fast recovery of pure and viable cells. The system is compatible with various upstream cell enrichment approaches and is the only system on the market offering automated image-based in situ selection and recovery of single cells or clusters. Since its market introduction, more than 60 CellCelectors have been installed at leading research institutes, university medical schools and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The company is selling its products worldwide either directly or through authorized distributors.