What is Amazing Business? How does it work?

Put simply, we are here to help you have an Amazing Business. Our Vision for you is for you to have Money Freedom and Time Freedom.

We help small to medium businesses make more cash profits in their business, while working less and having more fun. We do this by teaching you maverick business strategies and mindset secrets to optimise the time you spend in your business so that you can choose to do what you like with more of your time.

If you read that and go "HOW does that work?", then I'll give you an example - one way we help you is to discover Instant Leverage Points in your business that can be used to quickly create new income streams that are high profit and low work. Plus we have techniques that allow you to reduce the amount of time you spend in your business while increasing it's profitability.

Sound like something that you are looking for? Then read on …

What Does Amazing Business do?

We provide you with a number of ways to help create an amazing business for you.

We run coaching programs where you get personal one-on-one coaching with business guru Andrew Baird. We also run live events, webinars and partner with some other big name experts to get you amazing deals to their events too. We sell cutting edge products to help you grow and prosper your business in your own time.