Spawned from the high mountain crags and barren dust bowls of Montana, the Ames Bros (Coby Schultz and Barry Ament) are a two man wrecking crew. Upon their mighty shoulders they carry with them scores of famous rock bands, hundreds of screen printed rock posters, snowboard companies, super bowl logos, and Rambo-esque survival tactics.
Since the day they opened their studio in 1994, the Ames Bros took off and never touched back down. Out of the gates their talents were recognized by rock greats Pearl Jam, a client they've shared many successes with, including Grammy nominations for their clever and artful packaging for Vitalogy and Yield. In the music industry, it’s common knowledge that Ames Bros helped turn the lifeless cd package into the unique collectible that it’s predecessor, the record jacket, was. Their most notable contribution to the Rock world however, is via their screen printed Rock posters (check out their 10 page spread in the new “Art of Modern Rock”). They’ve designed hundreds’s of original screen printed posters, as well as CD packaging, and, of course, T-shirts for the likes of Neil Young, Radiohead, Coldplay, Sting, Phish, John Mayer, Snoop Dog, Foo Fighters, The Strokes, The Hives, along with dozens of Indie Rock bands. Hell, Frank Kozik, the most renowned poster artist has dubbed the Ames Bros as “the best poster artists in the business.”
Most notably during this time, Ames Bros became the go to guys for MTV, having a hand in most of their promotions, on and off the air. Add to this their long history partnering with snowboard companies like K2 and Ride Snowboards, Ames Bros emerged as a proven force to be reckoned with. It wasn't long before the general public and the advertising world caught wind of the duo and their work starting popping up everywhere. Soon they were sought out to execute ad campaigns for the likes of MTV, Nike, the NBA, NFL, AOL, Nissan, Honda, Absolut, Nascar, EA sports, Powerbar, Sony, Sprint, and Got Milk?. Recently, Sir Richard Branson gave them the keys to his new company Virgin Mobile, putting them in charge of branding and positioning the company to it’s core audience through fully designing and producing the magazine “USER” and accompanying websites. A true testament to their wit and skill, it’s been a success and on it’s way to a 4th issue.

On an international scale, they landed a spot in the prestigious Taschen book, “Graphic Design for the 21st Century, 100 of the World’s Best Designers” and have been featured in dozens of other books, magazines, and even college textbooks. Demand for their insight and talent has added to their notoriety by bringing them around the world to various universities and colleges as guest lecturers, but has never caused them to stray from their roots and goals to remain true to the hand crafted quality that got them there.

Already a permanent fixture in the history of art and design, they turn their efforts to the arena of making people look good. When the Ames Bros set out to do something, it’s top shelf. So, watch out! Their goal is simple: to fill your closets and drawers with only the finest of anything there is out there to offer. Next time you consider buying the best, think Ames Bros Quality Gear, the gear that grew with the Great Northwest.