Customers traditionally retain our parsed-out services to provide senior level marketing leadership - aligning marketing initiatives to sales objectives to operational support requirements. My Lead Generation Acceleratorâ„¢ is typically the starting engagement - designed to balance and accelerate a prospect driven sales funnel in 3 ways:

              1  Leads that "may"​ turn into prospects through nurturing
              2  Leads who are currently researching a solution to an identified business problem  
              3  Prospects that are ready to gather proposals from pre-identified resources-.  

The secret is to balance enough prospects through all 3 stages to meet revenue goals. The net result:  Sales teams are happy, forecasts become more predictable, and marketing can sleep at night.  My marketing leadership is specialized in driving new and incremental revenue to support complex technologies including data, and all aspects of Cloud/Telecom/Managed Services. (business and consumer).